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Published: January 11th, 2024
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There is less than a month to go until the Abertawe Festival for Young Musicians opens its doors once again at Swansea’s Guildhall, for what will be our biggest year for the festival since the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year has seen a noticable increase in interest from young musicians across South Wales, resulting in a 60% rise in entries for AFYM 2024 compared to the previous year.

Given the array of classes and performances on the agenda, staying informed about the schedule is essential for all our performers. So we are pleased to present the detailed schedule for the AFYM 2024 weekend.

Commencing on Friday, February 2nd, and concluding on Sunday, February 4th, this schedule serves as a comprehensive guide to the events planned for the festival weekend.

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A printable PDF version of this schedule is available to download below. Click here to get your copy now.

Friday, February 2nd 2024

TimeClassClass Title
09:00P50NaPiano Beginners & Grade 1 (Session A)
09:00P53NPiano Duet
09:30P07CGrade 7 and 8 Piano
09:35P50NbPiano Beginners & Grade 1 (Session B)
10:05P56NPiano Concert (Ages 7 and Under)
11:00Coffee Break
11:20M08CSenior Duets
11:20P52NPiano Duet (Ages 8 and Under)
12:05P57NPiano Concert (Ages 8-10)
12:20P01CGrade 1 Piano Recital
12:20P02CGrade 2 Piano Recital
12:35P51NPiano Grades 2 & 3
14:00PW1Pam Wedgwood Syllabus (11 Years & Under)
14:10P08CPiano Senior Recital Class
15:05PW2Pam Wedgwood Syllabus (Ages 12 – 18)
15:25M06CPiano Junior Duets
15:25M07CIntermediate Duets (Grades 4 & 5)
16:00Tea Break
16:05C02Women Composers
16:25S53NString & Harp Concert
16:55C01Own Composition
17:35P05CGrade 5 Piano

Saturday, February 3rd 2024

TimeClassClass Title
09:00P03CGrade 3 Piano Recital
09:00S01CBowed Strings & Harps Recital – Grade 1
09:00S02CBowed Strings & Harps Recital – Grade 2
09:00S03CBowed Strings & Harps Recital – Grade 3
09:50S04CBowed Strings & Harps Recital, Grade 4
10:00P59NPiano Informal Performance, Grades 6-8
11:00Coffee Break
11:20P06CGrade 6 Piano
11:20S50NViolin Beginners Under Grade 3
11:20S51NCello Beginners Under Grade 3
11:55P55NPiano Intermediate Recital (Grades 4-6)
12:05S54NStrings & Harp Informal Performance and Feedback
13:00P61NThe Willshire Duo Piano Workshop
14:10S07CGrade 7 & 8 Bowed Strings & Harps Recital
14:45P60NPiano Informal Performance (18 and Over)
15:40S55NStrings & Harp Informal Performance and Feedback
16:15Tea Break
16:35M12aNBaroque Composers (Minimum Grade 5)
16:45P58NPiano Informal Performance (Grades 1-5)
16:45M11aNWelsh Music, Traditional, Folk and Ethnic Music
17:15M13aNRomantic Composers (Minimum Grade 5)
17:45P04CGrade 4 Piano
17:50S05CGrade 5 Bowed Strings & Harps Recital

Sunday, February 4th 2024

TimeClassClass Title
09:00N3aRehearse With The Adjudicator (Session A)
09:00W01CWoodwind & Brass Recital, Grades 1 and 2
09:00W02CWoodwind & Brass Recital, Grades 3 and 4
09:30W03CWoodwind & Brass Recital, Grade 5
09:30W04CWind Senior Recital – Minimum Grade 6
09:35N3bRehearse With The Adjudicator (Session B)
10:30W61NWind & Brass Informal Performance (12-18 Years)
10:30W62NWind & Brass Informal Performance (18 and Over)
11:00Coffee Break
11:20M03NBritish Music (Minimum Grade 5)
11:20M11bNJazz Performance
11:20M13bNContemporary Music – 20th & 21st Century
12:00N3cRehearse With The Adjudicator (Session C)
12:40M12bNClassical Composers (Minimum Grade 5)
13:45M01CUnaccompanied Bach (Minimum Grade 6)
14:00M09CJunior Ensembles (Grades 5 and Under)
14:20M14NFamily Music Performance
14:55S08CBowed Strings and Harps Senior Recital
15:20P54NPiano Duet (Ages 12-18)
15:35S06CGrade 6 Bowed Strings & Harps Recital
15:50M10CSenior Ensemble (Grade 6 and Above)
16:00Tea Break
16:40PW3Pam Wedgwood Syllabus (18 Years & Over)

Printable PDF Version

If you would like to download a printable version of this scedule, you can get hold of your own copy by clicking on the image below.

Information for AFYM 2024 Performers

All AFYM 2024 performers are required to report to the Performers’ Table immediately on arrival, to register and to collect latest information or any changes to arrangements.

Together with your music, please bring a completed Music Administration Document (MAD) Slip for each performance, detailing the music that will be played.  Slips are available to print from the AFYM website.  You must provide an extra copy of your music for the adjudicator, clearly marked with the performer’s name and class number.

Note: there are no copying facilities at the venue.  No practice facilities are available but an organised 3-minute warm-up is provided at the beginning of wind and strings classes.

Allow time for parking which may be difficult at the Guildhall, though there is limited off-street parking or a council car park in the Recreation Ground Mumbles Road about a 7 minute walk away.  It is your responsibility to keep your children with you at all times, including while parking.

We do appreciate family and friends coming to performances.  It is encouraging for performers to have an audience, it makes for a lively atmosphere and entry is free. 

In advance of the Festival you are asked to check the AFYM’s Rules and Child Protection Policy either in the syllabus or on the website:

We look forward to seeing you at the AFYM 2024 in February!