Full List of Medal Winners For AFYM 2024

Published: February 6th, 2024
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The 2024 edition of the Abertawe Festival for Young Musicians has come to a close, and what an amazing weekend it was.

We want to extend an absolute HUGE thanks to all of our amazing performers at this year’s festival, as well as all the parents, guardians, teachers, and relatives who have shown so much support.

Each year, AFYM hosts a range of Competitive and Non-Competitive classes. During both, performers can expect to play in front of a supportive audience and receive expert adjudication. But the Competitive classes have that extra level of competition, with medal winners being awarded at the end of each session.

We are thrilled to confirm our list of medal winners from AFYM 2024 below.

AFYM 2024 Medal Winners

Grade 7 and 8 Piano

  • Gold: Mia Lawson
  • Silver: Miya Pan
  • Merit: Anna Sagrillo, Alea Del Rosario, Mared Jones

Senior Duets

  • Gold: Mared and Miya
  • Silver: Sage and Alea, Alex and Kandace, Megan and Kandace
  • Merit: Rosie and Sofia, Alea and Alicia, Nia and Megan, Freya and Lowri

Grade 1 Piano Recital

  • Gold Elijus Gliaubertas
  • Silver Carys Powell, Shiloh Compelio, Sebastian George
  • Merit Rebecca Andrews, Ellie Gripper, Shreya Bowman

Grade 2 Piano Recital

  • Gold: Elijah Moncerate
  • Silver: Michael Thomas

Senior Piano Recital

  • Gold: Sofia Ramos
  • Silver: Tianqi Simon Deng

Grade 5 Piano

  • Gold: Sohrab Destacamento, James Miy Hon
  • Silver: Megan Marshall, Katie Liu, Tianqi Simon Deng
  • Merit: Lewis Jiang

Bowed Strings and Harp Recital Grade 1

  • Gold: Thomas Georgiev
  • Merit: Carys Powell, Shiloh Compelio, James Wendon

Bowed Strings and Harp Recital Grade 2

  • Gold: Beth Tennant
  • Silver: Akshiya Balachandran

Bowed Strings and Harp Grade 3

  • Gold: Sullivan Challenger Williams

Bowed Strings and Harp Grade 4

  • Gold: Alice Anastasiya Thomas
  • Silver: Lewis Jiang, Trystan Edwards

Grade 5 Bowed Strings and Harp

  • Gold: Vinnie Sexton Mwembeshi
  • Silver: Karlie Balendez, Enriquo Moncerate

Grade 7/8 Strings and Harp Recital

  • Gold: Sofia Ramos
  • Silver: Raven Con-ui, Molly Stacey, Lowri Keirl
  • Merit: Lloyd Edwards

Piano Grade 3

  • Gold: Ruth Andrews, Megan Buendia
  • Silver: Peyton Young

Piano Grade 6

  • Gold: Rosie Ramos, Beca Richardson
  • Silver: Kandace Dequito

Piano Grade 4

  • Gold: David Lina
  • Silver: Matthew Wright

Woodwind and Brass Grade 3 and 4

  • Gold: Rosie Ramos, Klara Hikary
  • Silver: Lowri Keirl, Ruth Andrews

Woodwind and Brass Grade 5

  • Gold: Llywelyn Gannon

Woodwind and Brass Senior Recital

  • Silver: Llywelyn Gannon, Freya Moore

Junior Ensembles

  • Gold: Ensemble Gwyr
  • Silver: Ffynone Year 7 Ensemble

Senior Ensembles

  • Gold: SAL Ensemble
  • Silver: DMJ Trio

Concerto Class

  • Gold: Sage Taylor
  • Silver: Llywelyn Gannon
  • Merit: Alex Vista, Megan Lina

Unaccompanied Bach

  • Gold: Lowri Keirl
  • Silver: Sage Taylor
  • Merit: Raven Con-ui

Bowed Strings and Harp Senior Recital

  • Gold: Sage Taylor, Sofia Ramos
  • Silver: Brycen Cabera, Alea Del Rosario

Grade 6 Bowed Strings and Harp

  • Gold: Raven Con-ui
  • Silver: Kandace Dequito
  • Merit: Beca Richardson, Kieran Flores, Alex Vista

A huge congrats to all of our winners, and thank you to each and every performer who played at AFYM 2024. We were b lown away by the talent on display throughout the entire weekend.

AFYM will return to Swansea in 2025. Keep checking here on the official festival website for updates throughout the year.

Until then… keep playing!