Our Patrons provide invaluable support to the development of young musicians through the financial contribution they make to help enable the AFYM to run, which in turn provides a platform whereby they can develop their performance skills and experience with additional individual feedback from experienced professional musicians on further development.

Becoming a Patron

You can become a patron by paying an annual subscription of £20 for an individual or £30 for a couple as of 2023.

Existing Patrons

Firstly, thank you for your continued loyalty and support, which is greatly appreciated.

AFYM recently sent you a letter about the 2022 Festival as well as updates and changes, and it is also available to read HERE. If you are an existing Patron paying by Standing Order you need do nothing other than notify your bank should you wish to amend the amount you are paying. The existing account number for your payments is still valid.

New Patrons

If you wish to become a patron please complete the form below and either

  • Make a payment to AFYM now through your bank, and on 1 March each year thereon
  • Or send a cheque with your contact details to AFYM

If you would like more information about becoming a patron, please contact [email protected] or in person at the festival.

AFYM Patrons

The Festival Committee wishes to thank the following patrons, as and all those who wish to remain anonymous:

  • David Attwell
  • Phyll Barclay
  • Mr & Mrs J Beach
  • Valerie Beynon
  • Ann Brown
  • S Brachflower
  • M Caruana
  • Mrs. Janet Clark
  • Haydn Craven
  • Mr & Mrs T.J Daniel
  • Lee Davies
  • Pat & Noel Davies
  • Mr S and Dr M Davies
  • Mrs M Denholm
  • Mrs Maureen Donald
  • Mavis Downey
  • David & Catherine Evans
  • CP & HMP Fielder
  • Anne Gagen
  • A George
  • BI Gill
  • Jill & Roland Govier
  • Mrs S Gittoes
  • Sian Harris
  • Pil & Kath Harrowing
  • Steve & Sarah Harrowing
  • Ann Harry
  • Martin & Eva Heartley
  • Penny Henderson
  • Mrs Delyth Holland
  • Rory & Meinir Hutchings
  • Mrs Heather James
  • Mr Geraint Jeffreys
  • Alayn Jenkins
  • Mrs Jan Jenkins
  • Dr Mason Jepsen
  • P John
  • Haulwen Jones
  • Dr DH & Mrs SJ Jones
  • Ruth & Keith Jones
  • Mrs M Joynson
  • Dr Robert & Mrs Jacqueline King
  • Mr Noel and Mrs Elizabeth Lewis
  • Mr John Llewellyn
  • Mrs. Bethan Marshall
  • B McIntee
  • R & K Millard
  • I Milne
  • Alderman H Morgan
  • Branwen Munn
  • JM Nielson
  • Sarah Noel
  • Wendy Noel
  • Mr & Mrs A Olsen
  • Caroline Palmer
  • John Phillipps
  • Mr John Phillipps
  • Rt. Rev Anthony Pierce
  • Daniela Revayova
  • Wayne Richards
  • Barbara Roberts
  • GB Roberts
  • Martin & Betsan Rolles
  • Mrs Emma Shakeshaft
  • J Sherrard-Smith
  • Lucy Slane
  • Fran Thomas
  • Mary Thomas
  • Mr and Mrs Taylor
  • Mr & Mrs M Turbervill
  • Mr & Mrs H Wigettet
  • Bob and Biddy Wigley
  • Sian Wynn