Instrument Bank

The Abertawe Festival for Young Musicians runs an instrument loan scheme which is designed to support young musicians who are unable to purchase or borrow an instrument or feel that they do not want to invest in buying an instrument until they are sure they want to continue learning it.

The scheme enables young musicians in this situation, to borrow an instrument for a limited period of time. There is no charge for the loan, but the student’s parents must sign an agreement stating that they will insure the instrument and ensure that it is kept in good condition. Their child will also be expected to play the instrument at the annual festival.

A number of instruments are already out on loan, and could become available at a future date but the following are currently available:

  • One full size violin.
  • One half size violin. This is a beginners Andantino violin purchased from and set up by Cardiff Violins.  The violin comes in a robust case with a shoulder rest.
  • One three quarter size violin. This is a Novello violin purchased from Cardiff violins, and it comes in a good case.

Anyone interested in borrowing any of these instruments should contact: Janet Clark (Instrument bank organiser) in person or via the website Contact Page