25th Anniversary ‘Where are they now?’ Poster Exhibition

Published: February 4th, 2020
25th Anniversary ‘Where are they now?’ Poster Exhibition

When you are attending the festival or concert why not have a look at our 25th Anniversary Poster Exhibition?

In 2018 AFYM celebrated its 25th anniversary with special features at both the festival and concert. One of these was a poster exhibition of alumni who were asked firstly to say what they were doing now and secondly what AFYM had given them. The results were very interesting and showed what those involved had gained from their AFYM experience as young performers.

Some of the respondents are now pursuing careers as professional musicians or in musical fields and here are some of their comments about what AFYM gave them:

‘AFYM provided a fantastic platform to sharpen my performance skills and build confidence before going to Music College. My experience at the festival was invaluable.’

‘Constructive criticism and an invaluable performance platform – the AFYM was a vital step on my journey towards a musical career.’

‘AFYM helped me gain confidence in performing. Having the opportunity to do so was worth its weight in gold.’

‘I am forever indebted to AFYM for a supportive and constructive performance education, honing skills essential to my career.’

‘Taking part in masterclasses with world renowned professional musicians really made me want to excel in whatever I do.’

‘AFYM gave me a friendly platform to meet and listen to fellow young musicians and to learn from leading performers and professionals.’

….and others are in a fascinating variety of other careers and said this:

I have very fond memories of my years at AFYM and am extremely grateful for both the discipline and sense of self-belief afforded by my musical education.’

‘A chance to perform, compete and receive and learn to deal with constructive advice at a young age.’

‘AFYM helped me with confidence and kept me out of trouble.’

‘AFYM gave me the ability to take criticism and to improve upon it, a necessary skill for everyday life.’

‘AFYM gave me invaluable performance skills which I still use when teaching, giving presentations and undertaking practical examinations.’

‘Practising daily in preparation for AFYM taught me how to learn. I now apply the same focus in everything I do.’

We are extremely proud of all our alumni and of course very grateful to all the sponsors and patrons who make AFYM possible.