Cancellation of Abertawe Festival for Young Musicians 2021

Published: July 10th, 2020

After much deliberation and with great regret the AFYM committee has decided that it is not feasible to hold a festival and concert in 2021. Preparations for the festival such as booking venues and adjudicators would normally be made by now but due to the coronavirus pandemic it has not been possible to make definite plans or commitments. Even if the situation were to improve significantly soon it would be too late to make all the arrangements for a festival in early 2021. Another consideration is that many members of the AFYM committee and stewards who are vital to the successful running of the festival are in the at-risk categories for the virus.

The AFYM committee is very grateful to all the sponsors, patrons, stewards, music teachers and other supporters without whom it could not function and whose contributions enable us to provide wonderful opportunities for young musicians from all over South Wales and beyond. We sincerely hope that this support of all kinds can be maintained in these extraordinary times. We understand that our young musicians will be disappointed by our decision about the 2021 festival but we hope to return with an even better festival in 2022. In the interim the committee will be working to further develop our plans and procedures including the online booking system which was successfully introduced earlier this year.

The AFYM website [] will be kept updated with any news and committee members can be contacted using the contact details noted there. In the meanwhile we send our very best wishes to all AFYM performers and supporters.

Penny Davies

AFYM Chairperson

10th July 2020